6 Tips for getting the Best Results from your Longarmer

6 tips for getting the best results from your longarmer:

  1. Make sure your backing is 8” larger total than your quilt top. This means 4” extra on each side. This helps the longarmer load properly on the frame.
  2. Square up your backing. Having your quilt back square helps keep puckers and tucks from happening on the back. It also ensures that there will be enough fabric on all sides as the quilt is advanced on the frame. If you need help on how to do this, I have a video you can watch in my post about preparing the quilt.
  3. If your quilt is directional, mark your top for the quilt and the backing. I usually check on this, but help by marking it is always welcome and ensures it will be loaded properly!
  4. Stay stitching. This is helpful if your quilt has curved edges or a lot of piecing at the edges. Stay stitching is a line of small stitches along the edge of the quilt top which helps hold it together. This keeps it from stretching and warping when it’s loaded on the machine.
  5. Press your quilt before sending it in! I will go over it with a steamer if needed when I load it. But it always helps to start with a freshly pressed quilt and back.
  6. Ask questions! If there is anything you are unsure of, please ask. I can talk about quilting all day and would rather you ask.

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