Preparing the Quilt

When you are ready to send in your quilt, here’s what you need to know:

@purplebobbin How to square a quilt back! #longarmquilting #purplebobbin #squaringtheback #quilttok #quilting #quilttutorial ♬ original sound - Rebecca Moyer

Backing should be a total of 8" larger than the top for the length and width. Meaning, 4" extra inches on each side. If your quilt top is 50"x50", your backing should be at least 58" by 58".

Square your backing to the best of your ability. I know it's hard to work with such large pieces of fabric, but it helps with the quality of your finished quilt! It will load straighter and flatter on the frame if it's square. Video tutorial coming!

Extra Backing

If your top and/or back is directional, please mark the top for me. You can use masking tape or pin a note on it.

Iron your top. Yes, it will get folded or creased on its way to me, but starting with a flat top makes a big difference. I'll take care of any wrinkles that occurred during transit.

Marking the Top

Stay stitch if needed. If you have rounded edges on your top or lots of piecing at the edge, stay stitching this will help keep things from getting pulled or stretched when loaded. A stay stitch is like a basting stitch on the very edge of the top that will hold everything together nicely!

Stay Stitch Example

Communicate! If you are unsure of anything please ask! I love talking quilts and am happy to answer any questions. Easiest way to get in touch with me is via email.

Rebecca Moyer is a professional longarmer and quilter based outside of Philadelphia Pennsylvania. You can get in touch or learn more about Purple Bobbin.

"I found Rebecca’s site quite by accident while looking for long arm lessons. I finished a throw quilt as a gift with very little time to spare and simply did not have the time to hand quilt it and was not confident in my free motion skills. This was the first quilt I have not completed myself and was not comfortable with sending it away. She responded quickly and was warm and encouraging without being overbearing. She answered my questions fully and I felt at ease. She agreed to a quick turn around that would meet my deadline, her website had some very nice examples and I thought I’d take a chance. She followed up promptly…to make sure it was on the way (tight deadline), let me know when it arrived, and sent some images with E2E design options and thread choices. The choices were made and she was able to complete it in an amazingly short time…I had it back well within a week. The stitching was amazing and beautifully completed the pattern, the thread was perfect, the recipient loved it and I could not have been more thrilled. I am so glad I found Rebecca and trusted her with my work, her artistry enhanced my project and made it really special. I actually feel I will be able to do much more piecing and quilt making now that I have a partner who can help me complete them in such a short time (compared to the months and months hand quilting takes). I have a very special quilt for a family member that I am packing up to send her this weekend and can’t wait to see what she suggests. I recommend Rebecca and the Purple Bobbin without reservation. Her work is beautiful and her follow-up is first rate."

Lisa Silliman