What size quilts do I handle?

Rosie (my longarm) can handle pretty much all we can throw at her.

My longarm is on a 12 foot frame which means she can accommodate most quilt sizes. Remember that your backing needs to be 4″ larger all around than your top. Keeping that in mind, the largest backing that I can put on my frame is 130″. That means one side of your backing needs to be smaller than 130″. And one side of the top can be up to 122″. The longer side will get rolled up and can be as long as you like.

I do have a minimum charge for small quilts of $60. But I can put any small quilt on the frame! I’ve even quilted myself a nametag for Guild meetings!

Some common size measurements for quilt tops:

Twin: 71×101

Double/Full: 86×106

Queen: 92×106

King: 110X106

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